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A well known speaker lectured to the members of the literary society. After his address the secretary approached him with a check. This he politely refused, saying that it might be devoted to some charitable purpose.

"Would you mind if we added it to our special fund? " she ask.

"Not at all," said the speaker. "What is the special fund for?"

"To allow us to get a better speaker for next year."

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Little Johnny ran into the room sobbing as through his heart would break.

"Whats the problem Johnny?" asked his mother.

"Oh, daddy was hanging a picture and he dropped it on his toe," replied Johnny.

"Why, that's nothing to cry about. You should be laughing at that," said his mother.

"I did," Johnny replied.

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Joe: "I know the capital of North Carolina."

Sam: "Really?"

Joe: "No, Raleigh."

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I entered my first marathon and finished first!

Two steps into it I stubbed my toe and finished, first.

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