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After many years of service, a rich lady decides to fire her maid and hire someone younger. When she hears the news, the maid takes a steak out of the fridge and throws it to the family dog.

"Why did you do that?" asks the lady of the house.

"I never forget a friend," replies the maid. "That was for his help cleaning the dishes all these years!"

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My wife got a mud-pack, and looked great for two days...

Then the mud fell off.

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Nurse: "How old are you?"

Patient: "None of your business."

Nurse: "But the doctor must know your age for his records. Please, just tell me, I'm going to find it out anyway."

Patient: "Well, first, multiply twenty by two, then add ten. Got that?"

Nurse: "Yes. Fifty."

Patient: "All right, now subtract fifty, and tell me, what do you get?"

Nurse: "Zero."

Patient: "Right. And that's exactly the chance of me telling you my age."

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A father was teaching his 6-year-old daughter how to unbuckle her seat belt.

The daughter asked, "Do I click the square?"

The father said, "Yes."

The daughter then wanted to know, "Single click or double click?"

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