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"Whom would you like to invite for your upcoming wedding ceremony?" Father asked his son
"All except you and mom" the Son replied
"But why" Father angrily shouted
"Had you bothered to invite me for your ceremony!" the Son pleaded.
Thanks to: Ashfaq - Lahore - Punjab - Pakistan
rec.:Dec/3/2009    pub.:Jan/4/2010    sent:Jan/19/2010

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The elderly gentleman was obviously enjoying the company of a beautiful young lady in a lively party, when his wife came up to him and said, in an unnecessarily loud voice, " Honey I hope you are not boring the poor child with anecdotes about your latest grandchild!"
Thanks to: Ayaz Ahmad - Rawalpindi - Pakistan
rec.:Nov/26/2004    pub.:Dec/15/2004    sent:Aug/4/2005

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My wife decided to meet some of the children residing at our emergency shelter. Realizing that she was the wife of the Development Coordinator, a young child asked if we were husband and wife to which my wife said "Yes” Without missing a beat, this particular girl remarked how short I was. This sweet child's next statement said it all when she asked thoughtfully, "Wasn't he taller when he married you?"
Thanks to: Cody Bateman - Miami - Florida - USA.
rec.:Jan/7/2002    pub.:Jan/12/2002

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Two grapes go on a date. At the end of the date the boy grape took the girl grape home gave her a kiss and told her that it was their only date. She started to cry and when he asked her if she was ok. She said, "No, I'm crushed!"
Thanks to: Tiara Day - USA.
rec.:Jul/22/2002    pub.:Oct/30/2002

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