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When I told my parents over the phone that my husband has the flu, my dad said, "Have you tried euthanasia?"

In the background I heard my mom yell, "For the last time, it's echinacea!"

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After a Southern man moved from Atlanta to a New Jersey suburb, a fellow passenger on a train asked how he liked it in the country.

"It was difficult at first," the man replied, "but it's a lot better since I got myself a paramour."

The passenger was astonished. "A paramour?" he said. "Does your wife know?"

"Sure," said the Southerner. "She doesn't care how I cut the grass."

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I have instructed my children and wife where to go in case of a tornado...

The TRASH CAN, as in my home nothing ever hits it.

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Mother and daughter are having a bonding moment.

Daughter: Mommy can you differentiate the words terrible and horrible for me?

Mother: Sure dear. Remember when we went to the beach last week?

Daughter: Yes I remember.

Mother: While swimming, your dad was caught by rip current.

Daughter: Oh, that's terrible!

Mother: That's right.

Daughter: Mommy, what about horrible?

Mother: The wave brought him back to shore.

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