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Two Antartians were walking down the street. One stops and says, "Oh my god!!! A dead bird." The other looks up and says, "Were, were?"
Thanks to: Ribbon Morris - CT - USA.
rec.:Apr/6/2000    pub.:Apr/6/2000    sent:May/18/2012

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Out in the middle of nowhere a UFO drops out of the sky at a gas station, the aliens not concerned go out of the ship. The ship even has the letters UFO emblazoned on the side. While the owner of the station stands speechless, his young employee goes and fills up their tank and even waves as they pull off. After they’re gone the owner looks shocked at his employee. He says, "Do you realize what just happened?"
"Yeah” he replied?"
"Didn’t you see the letters UFO?"
"Yeah” she repeats" and?"
"Do you know what that means?"
"Gee boss, I've been working here for 5 years, of course I know what it means,
“Unleaded Fuel Only"
Thanks to: Aaron Moss - Lawton - oklahoma - USA.
rec.:Jul/28/2002    pub.:Oct/30/2002    sent:Dec/23/2007

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“Young woman,” said the judge, “this court is going to see to it that you receive one thousand dollars a month in alimony.
“Thanks,” the husband spoke up, “and I’ll try to give her a few bucks myself.”
Thanks to: Anonymous - USA.
rec.:Jul/28/2005    pub.:Jul/28/2005    sent:Jan/28/2006

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A big group of hunters were in the middle of the jungle and decided to split into smaller groups. Four fools decided to form one of the smaller groups and started walking.

After a while, one of them realized they were quite far away from the main group, and that they couldn't possibly find the way back. One of the other fools says to the other three: "I've heard that whenever you can't find your group, what you have to do is to shoot three times to the air and wait for someone to find you" They shoot three times to the air, wait a while, but nothing happens. So they shoot three more times to the air but, again, no one comes to help them. After trying three shots more the fool says: "I hope this time someone can find us... that was my last arrow"
Thanks to: Mr. Bean - Wallis And Futuna Islands
rec.:Jan/4/2007    pub.:Feb/5/2007    sent:Jul/2/2008

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