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Pat and Mick have just started their job installing telegraph poles. At the end of the first week they both go to collect their wages and the boss tells Mick he is dismissed. Why? asks Mick. Well, said the boss. Pat has put in 50 poles this week and you have only done 5, Mick looks rather perplex, and says, “but look how far he has left them sticking out.”
Thanks to: chotchy - newcastle - england - United Kingdom
rec.:Jul/16/2007    pub.:Oct/3/2007    sent:Sep/9/2009

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Mr. Smith and his son Rick were called to Mrs. Liventhal's classroom.
"Mr. Smith," said the teacher, "I asked Rick 'Who shot Abraham Lincoln?' and he said that he didn't do it!"
"Well, teacher," said Smith, "if my kid said he didn't do it -- he didn't do it!"
Father and son left the school, and on their way home, Smith turned to the boy and asked, "Tell me, son, did you do it?"
Thanks to: Yolanda Ortiz.
rec.:Dec/26/1998    pub.:Dec/26/1998    sent:Dec/26/1998

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An antarctican goes into a restaurant, buys a coffee and sits down to drink it. She looks on the side of her cup and finds a peel-off prize. She pulls off the tab and yells, "I WON! I WON! I WON a motor home! I WON a motor home!"
The waitress runs over and says, "That's impossible. The biggest prize given away was a mini van!"
The antarctican replies, "No. I WON A motor home, I WON a motor home!" By this time the manager makes his way over to the table and says, "You couldn't possibly have won a motor homes because we didn't have that as a prize!"
 Again the antarctican says, "No, no mistake, I WON a motor home, I WON a motor home!" She hands the prize ticket to the manager and he reads, "WIN A BAGEL."
Thanks to: Sandy in Elgin
rec.:Mar/20/1999    pub.:Mar/20/1999    sent:Mar/20/1999

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I traveled almost all over the world
- Wow, you must know geography well.
- Oh yes I spent 2 months there..!
Thanks to: Gorden - Toronto - Ontario - Canada
rec.:Aug/2/2008    pub.:Aug/7/2008    sent:Nov/12/2008

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