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Only in America do we chain $2.00 ink pens to the counter but leave our $58,000 cars out in the driveway.
Thanks to: Sarah Cromer - Howell - Michigan - USA.
rec.:Jan/12/2002    pub.:Jan/20/2002    sent:Jan/1/1900

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Bubba and Johnny Ray, two good ole boys from North Carolina, were sitting' on the front porch drinking beer when a large truck hauling rolls and rolls of sod went by.
"I'm gonna do that when I win the lottery," said Bubba.
"Do what?" asked Johnny Ray.
"Send my grass out to be mowed," answered Bubba.
Thanks to: joe bledsoe - liberia - guanacaste - Costa Rica
rec.:Sep/14/2011    pub.:Nov/7/2011    sent:Jun/22/2012

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Mad men are given a test to check their mental state. The instructor draws a door on the wall and orders them to go out.
They start rushing to the door but one remains sitting. The instructor goes to him and asks; “why didn’t you join the others?” He replies, "let them fight they forgot I have the keys"
Thanks to: gaga mike - kigali - Rwanda
rec.:Apr/2/2002    pub.:Jun/22/2002    sent:Nov/5/2013

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An idiot decided to start a chicken farm, so he bought a hundred chickens to start. A month later, he returned to the dealer for another hundred chickens because all of the first lot had died. A month later he was back at the dealers for another hundred chickens for the second lot had also died. "But I think I know where I'm going wrong," said the idiot. "I think I am planting them too deep."
Thanks to: Trish Greenham - Australia
rec.:Oct/25/2002    pub.:Jan/31/2003    sent:Jul/30/2014

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