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A rabbit walked into a restaurant with a lion. The waiter seats them and asks the rabbit, "What will you have?" The rabbit says bring me a half a head of lettuce. The waiter looks at the lion and says; and what will he have? The rabbit says "The lion?" he's not eating". The waiter says "why? Isn’t he hungry?" Then the rabbit says "if he was hungry do you think I'd be here?"
Thanks to: Lisa M. Brown - Albertville - Alabama - USA.
rec.:Apr/25/2008    pub.:May/14/2008    sent:Jul/1/2008

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An elephant was walking in a park. With each step he took, he squished many little ants. Upset, the ants began to crawl up on the elephant -- first his legs and then up all over his body. When the elephant started feeling all the little ants on him, he shook hard, making all the little ants, except for one, fall to the ground. As the only ant on the elephant hung on close to the elephant's neck, the ones on the ground began to yell, "Strangle him!!! Strangle him!!!"
Thanks to: Rosablanca - Oregon - USA.
rec.:Jul/12/1999    pub.:Jul/12/1999    sent:Jul/12/1999

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This little boy was walking to school when he found a frog. He picked the frog up and went to school. When he got to school, he sat the frog up on his desk and his teacher freaked out. "What is that?????” she asked him. "It's a deaf frog, Ma'am", answered the little boy. "What, what, what??? How do you know it is a deaf frog???” screamed the teacher. "I pissed in his ear and he didn't move", said the boy truthfully. "What, what, what, what do you mean you pissed in his ear and he didn't move????” she asked in an outrage. "Just like I said, I leaned over, I went PSSSSTTTT, in his ear and he didn't move!"
Thanks to: Anonymous - Des Moines - Iowa - USA.
rec.:Apr/18/2003    pub.:May/27/2003

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How is a snail stronger than an elephant?
Because an elephant carries his trunk, but a snail carries his house!
Thanks to: Lucy Standbridge - United Kingdom
rec.:Aug/5/2012    pub.:May/28/2013    sent:Jun/6/2013

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