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Two robins were sitting on a fence post in front of a freshly plowed field. One robin said to the other "I'm hungry! Are you?" "Yes," said the other robin. "Why don't we go in this field and get some worms to eat." They went in the field and started eating. They ate until they were so full they could not even move. The first robin said "I can't move, lets just stay hear and bask in the sun." "Ok," said the other robin. In a few minutes both robins fell asleep. Later that day the farm cat came up and ate both robins. When finished he remarked "I love Basken Robins."
Thanks to: Delmont
rec.:Apr/16/2000    pub.:Apr/16/2000    sent:Apr/16/2000

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Two fleas were walking out of a cinema when they discovered it was raining hard.
“Shall we walk?” said one flea.
“No,” said the other, “Let’s take a dog.”
Thanks to: Anonymous - USA.
rec.:Jan/22/2003    pub.:Jan/22/2003

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Did you hear about the skunk that went to church?
“He had his own pew.”
Thanks to: Anonymous - USA.
rec.:Dec/9/2003    pub.:Dec/9/2003    sent:Apr/20/2004

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While drinking at the river, a young bear admires its reflection and growls, “I am the king of beasts!” Along comes a lion and roars, “What was that I just heard?” “Oh, dear,” says the bear, “you say strange things when you’ve had too much to drink.”
Thanks to: Anonymous - USA.
rec.:May/12/2010    pub.:May/12/2010    sent:Jun/7/2010

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