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There was a manager of a company who was ready to retire, so he began training his replacement. Just before he left for good, he took the replacement aside and told him that if he ever got really jammed up, he should look in the center drawer of his desk and he would find two envelopes. He told him to open envelope #1.
Well, time goes by and one day, a big project went bad and the new manager was in real trouble over it. He remembered the drawer and the envelopes and went and got envelope #1 and opened it. Inside was a sheet of paper with just two words on it---"Blame me!"
A few months later, the new manager again found himself in hot water and remembered that there was an envelope #2. He went and opened that one and found another note. This one read, "Go get two envelopes".
Thanks to: Kris Behof
rec.:Dec/15/1998    pub.:Dec/15/1998    sent:Dec/15/1998

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The world's most incredibly lazy man found a magic lamp. He rubbed it and a genie appeared and granted him three wishes. He wished for a horse, a sumo wrestler and a squirrel. "They're yours, but what are they for?" the genie asked.
"I'm tired of walking everywhere--I want to just ride the horse. The sumo wrestler is so that I won't have to work to get on the horse."
"But the squirrel?" asked the genie.
"I need something to go 'click-click' to start the horse!!!"
Thanks to: Andrea
rec.:Jun/29/1998    pub.:Jun/29/1998    sent:Jun/29/1998

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Why men like to fishing so much?
They finally found something as smart as them to talk to.
Thanks to: Mallory - Dayton - Ohio - USA.
rec.:Jul/19/2003    pub.:Aug/19/2003    sent:Sep/16/2003

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This man says to his friend,” I stopped driving 10 years ago. Now my wife drives and I just sit there and hold the wheel."
Thanks to: Chelsea - Cabot - Arkansas - United States Minor Outlying Islands
rec.:Jul/14/2002    pub.:Oct/25/2002

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