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Two coworkers were talking by the water fountain one guy said, "Today I got through the first step of getting divorced." The second guy replies, "Oh, did you go to Mr. Guggenheim? Everyone goes to him for divorces." The first man replies, "No, I just got married".
Thanks to: qSERDYGIOK[;'/ - Armenia
rec.:Jul/31/2013    pub.:Oct/31/2013    sent:Nov/15/2013

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Any married man should forget his mistakes, there's no use in two people remembering the same thing.
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rec.:Sep/8/2003    pub.:Sep/8/2003    sent:Nov/5/2003

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A mother and daughter were out shopping at the mall. The mother saw an expensive fur coat and stated, "This year, I think I will buy my present instead of making you and dad shop for me and I think this fur coat would be perfect too." 
The daughter protested, "But mom, some helpless, poor creature has to suffer so that you can have this." 
"Don't worry honey," says the mother, "your father won't get the bill for a couple of weeks."
Thanks to: Simple Sentiments - Pembroke Pines - Florida - USA.
rec.:Jan/27/2000    pub.:Jan/27/2000    sent:Jan/27/2000

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Husband is reading the news paper.... wife comes in and says "honey I love you so much" and then she says “honey I wish I would be a newspaper so that you always hold me in your arms "
Husband replied, "I also wish that so that I can change you every day like that newspaper"
Thanks to: yasir - lahore - punjab - Pakistan
rec.:Oct/30/2003    pub.:Dec/10/2003    sent:Mar/22/2004

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