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My dad walked me down the aisle at my third wedding.

He said, “I keep giving you away... and they keep giving you back!”

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A wife talks to her husband with a sweet voice, “You look great in that dim light. You look just like Brad Pitt.”

Lifting his eyebrows, the husband asks, “And how do you know Brad Pitt?”

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An aspiring young actor asked a young lady's father if he could have his daughter's hand in marriage. The father said, "I would never let my daughter marry an actor."

The actor said, "Sir, I think you may change your mind if you see me perform. Won't you at least come and see the play?"

So the father went to see the play, and the next day he called the actor, "You were right. I did change my mind. Go ahead and marry my daughter. You're no actor."

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A couple returning from their honeymoon was in a deep discussion about people and their actions. John, the husband indicated: "I have always maintained that no two people on earth think alike."

Mary, his loving new bride commented: "You'll change your mind when you look over our wedding presents."

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