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A man went into his dentist to see why his dentures kept decaying rapidly on him.

The dentist looked at his dentures and remarked, "This is very odd, they look like something's been eating them. Is there anything different that you've been eating lately?"

The man thought for a bit and said, "Well, my wife has been making a lot of eggs benedict recently with hollandaise sauce."

"Ah!" exclaimed the dentist, "That's it. I know just what you need. I'm going to order you some new dentures with plates made out of chrome."

"Chrome?" exclaimed the man incredulously, "Why Chrome?"

"Because, There's no plates like chrome for the hollandaise"

("There's no place like home for the holidays")
Thanks to: Jim Hare - St. Louis - MO - USA.
rec.:May/17/2002    pub.:Jul/28/2002

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Q. What is it called when you dream in color?

A. A pigment of your imagination
Thanks to: paul - oakland - nj - USA.
rec.:Dec/1/2002    pub.:Apr/16/2003

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A young apprentice optometrist recently got careless and got his hand caught in the lens grinder. He wasn't seriously hurt, but he certainly made a spectacle of himself.
Thanks to: Paul - Washington - DC - USA.
rec.:Apr/11/2006    pub.:Apr/13/2006    sent:Nov/1/2006

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There was a guy who had a job as a vacuum designer. One day, when he came to work, he told his coworker about how his girlfriend has dumped him. "This sucks!" he says. His coworker replies, "well, that's the general idea."
Thanks to: Hoosteen Forman - Peoria - AZ - USA.
rec.:Dec/4/2003    pub.:Jan/14/2004    sent:May/6/2004

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