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As the herd of cows were traveling, one of them was falling behind.

She shouted out to the others that she could not run any faster.

She shouted, "Slow down, my calves are killing me!"

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How does someone actually break out into a "cold sweat"?

Doing Pilates in a Meat Locker?

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I once swallowed a dictionary.

It gave me thesaurus throat I ever had.

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How do you compliment...

The Abominable Snowman?
Tell him he’s cool.

A secretary?
Tell her she’s really neat.

A boxer?
Tell him he’s a knock-out.

A surfer?
Tell her she’s swell.

A mail carrier?
Tell him he’s first class.

A demolition crew?
Tell them they did a bang-up job.

A witch?
Tell her she’s charming.

An astronaut?
Tell her she’s out of this world.

A right fielder?
Tell him he’s far-out.

Tell him he looks like a new man.

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