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What is it called when you get sick while riding in a carpool?


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Mom: Why did you decide to study earthquakes?
Tom: I just cracked up!

Sammy: Why did you steal that broom?
Tammy: I flew off the handle!

Nan: Why did you knock over the Chinese Checkers?
Dan: I lost my marbles!

Jenny: Why did you chase that squirrel?
Lenny: I went nuts!

Jon: Why did you throw all those baseballs?
Ron: I pitched a fit!

Kay: Why did you burn the pancakes?
Jay: I flipped out!

Jerry: Why did you jump in the pool?
Terry: I went off the deep end!

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Here are some Unwritten Books:

After the Beach by Sandy Britches
Beachcombing Crafts by Purdy C. Shells
Chocolate Bunny Mishaps by Melton N.D. Sun
Christmas Treats by Candie Kane
Deep-Sea Diving by Don I. Gogh
Eagle Watching by C.M. Soar
Getting Good Grades by U.R. Smart
Having a Positive Attitude by U. Ken Duitt
Indoor Winter Fun by Shirley Snowden
Inside the Principal’s Office by U.R.N. Trubble
Kissing the Blarney Stone by Ken U. Pucker
Life in the Arctic Ocean by I.C. Waters
Making New Friends by Jovanna Play
Math Made Easy by Adam Up
Midnight Howls by Ali Katz
Our National Anthem by Jose Canusi
Outrunning Lions by Hugo Fast
Pet Grooming by Harry Dahgs
Sledding Disasters by C.D. Tree
The Best Holiday Costumes by M.I. Scary
Whales and Other Sea Mammals by Dolly Finn

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If you feel the need to build an ARK because of all the rain, just contact me...

I NOAH guy!

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