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An early morning storm produced a strong tornado, which damaged most of the roof of a Pasadena, Texas funeral home. Everyone there was scared stiff.
Thanks to: Larry Mayes - Dickinson - Texas - USA.
rec.:May/18/2004    pub.:May/20/2004    sent:Nov/12/2004

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A court jester is thrown into jail for telling terrible jokes.
~What did he say after the guard locked him up?
O-PUN the door!
Thanks to: Dedicated to Mrs. Sanrocco - USA.
rec.:Sep/25/2004    pub.:Sep/29/2004    sent:Feb/21/2005

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A man and a woman are eating in a restaurant. Suddenly, the woman got something stuck in her throat, causing her to choke. The man rushes outside, cuts a limb off a tree and whacks the woman across the back with it, dislodging the object in her throat. The headline in the paper read "Man gives woman the hemlock maneuver"
Thanks to: Freddie Pitz - Nepean(Ottawa) - Ontario - Canada
rec.:Aug/14/2013    pub.:Sep/10/2013    sent:Oct/3/2013

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"Well, I finaly retired my old car", said the old man. His pal ask, "Did you junk it or trade it in?" "Naw nothing like that, I put four new Michelins on it."
Thanks to: Ray Howard - USA.
rec.:Jan/30/2012    pub.:Mar/28/2013    sent:Oct/6/2013

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