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There was a guy who had a job as a vacuum designer. One day, when he came to work, he told his coworker about how his girlfriend has dumped him. "This sucks!" he says. His coworker replies, "well, that's the general idea."
Thanks to: Hoosteen Forman - Peoria - AZ - USA.
rec.:Dec/4/2003    pub.:Jan/14/2004    sent:May/6/2004

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A court jester is thrown into jail for telling terrible jokes.
~What did he say after the guard locked him up?
O-PUN the door!
Thanks to: Dedicated to Mrs. Sanrocco - USA.
rec.:Sep/25/2004    pub.:Sep/29/2004    sent:Feb/21/2005

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A man and a woman are eating in a restaurant. Suddenly, the woman got something stuck in her throat, causing her to choke. The man rushes outside, cuts a limb off a tree and whacks the woman across the back with it, dislodging the object in her throat. The headline in the paper read "Man gives woman the hemlock maneuver"
Thanks to: Freddie Pitz - Nepean(Ottawa) - Ontario - Canada
rec.:Aug/14/2013    pub.:Sep/10/2013    sent:Oct/3/2013

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The key to the success of all musicians of note is their ability to stay composed while performing at a level that can't be beat.
Thanks to: Sasha - Canada
rec.:Oct/23/2010    pub.:Dec/3/2010    sent:Jun/26/2012

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