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A man and his wife were arguing over sex.

Man: Sex is work!
Wife: Sex is pleasure!
Man: I don’t blame you, you don’t know what men are going through.
Wife: All I know is that sex is pleasure whether you like it or not.

The argument lasted for a long time until they decided to invite their house help to hear his own version.

House Help: Yes Sir?
Man: Is sex work or pleasure?
House Help: Ehmmm. Boss, sex is pleasure because if sex was work, you would have called on me to do it.

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CATEGORY Marriage Jokes
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3 young men met one pretty lady after church service. The men decided to introduce themselves. The first man says, I am Joseph but not the dreamer, the second man says I am John but not the Baptist and the last man says I am Abraham but not the father of nations. The pretty lady said hello to her new friends and introduced herself as Mary but not a virgin.

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A Son who was schooling far away from home once sent a sms to his father. “Father, the situation here is critical. Please, send me some money, suicide contemplated”.
The Father replied, Son, the situation at home is more critical. Suicide approved.

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CATEGORY College Jokes
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MAN: I Have Facebook, BBM, KIK, Imo, Twitter, Google Plus, Yahoo, Tumblr, Msn, Skype, Snapchat, Instagram and G-Talk
FRIEND: Buddy, do you have a life?
AKPOS: OMG! No I don't! Send me the link to download it.

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