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Behold it is written in the book of February.

Chapter 14

Verse 1

And it shall come to pass that on val's day, excuses shall arise again: my battery died, my credit got finished, my DP refused to change, my boss selected me for the trip, traffic jams etc...

When thou seeth this signs, be calm, fearthou not, keep thy peace and know that verily verily... thou art not
thy boo's boo, thou art a side chick.

Verse 2

Even when you receive gifts, calls, or were taken out. Remember my dear daughter that all will end on the bed.

Verse 3

Blessed is the boy that bothers not himself 4 any girl 4 peace I will grant to him.

Verse 4

Hear ye hear ye For girls so love February 14 that they
gave their only begotten dignity in exchange for a date, but know ye that who so ever doesn't make that mistake shall not have the fear of 9 month assignment.

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Three pastors met & agreed to sincerely tell each other their problems which must be kept a secret between the three of them.

The first pastor said; my problem is money l do steal even from the church offering. Please pray for me.

The second pastor; mine is women. Whenever l see any woman my desire will be to go to bed with her, infact l have slept with most of the church (female) members.

Turning to the third pastor to hear his problem he started crying (it took his friends some effort to calm him). When they
asked him to continue, he was still crying, he said my problem is gossiping, when we leave this place everybody will hear all what the two of you have just told me. Please pray for me!

The two pastors fainted.

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