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Over a drink on evening the discussion turned to length of hair...

Mr. Jones: "Don't you think long hair on a man makes him look intellectual?"

Mr. Smith: "That depends. My wife found a long hair on my coat sleeve yesterday."

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A Yankee tourist in London went aboard the old battleship "Victory", which was Lord Nelson's flagship in several of his famous navel triumphs.

An English sailor escorted the Yank over the vessel, and coming to a raised brass tablet on the deck, he said, as he reverently removed his hat, "This, sir, is the spot where Lord Nelson fell."

"Oh, it is," replied the American. "Well, that ain't nothing. I nearly tripped on that darn thing myself."

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One doctor ask another if, "Are you any good at palmistry?"

"Well, not exactly. However, the other night I did look at a lady's hand, and one glance told me she was going to be lucky," he replied.

"Why how's that?" the first doctor ask.

The reply: "Well it had four aces in it."

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Parent: "Why did you swallow the money I gave you?"

Child: "Well, you did say it was my lunch money."

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