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In curling, there is a certain mystique about the pebble on the ice. Without it, rocks will not slide or curl. Another curling fact is that the cold air tends to make player's noses run, so much so that there is usually facial tissue ant both ends of the rink.

Two seasoned curlers were having an argument. The first said that nose drippings ruined the ice. The second contended that they just added to or improved the pebble. They decided to have the icemaker settle the matter.

The second curler, hoping to sway the ice technician asked a loaded question, "I understand that nose drippings just add to and even improve the curl. Is that true?"

The icemaker was a man of few words and quickly replied, "'Snot true."

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Mr. Bolton was proud of his lawn and gardens, but the sidewalk bothered him. Some of the tiles were stained, some showed different levels of wear and some just looked old. He had a brilliant idea, "Why not paint the sidewalk?"

So he went to the local hardware store and found a cement paint that was labelled light grey. He rushed home, got out a paint roller, and in a short time he had the walk completely painted. When it dried, it was beautiful and bright and looked brand new.

He deemed the project a success, but it does have one draw back. Visitors and the mail man now walk on his lawn so as not to stain the sidewalk.

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