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Tower: Cessna 2737 you are three miles from final, turn left 270 and expect the RNAV to Runway 27.

Pilot: Aye Aye, Captain!

Tower: Cessna 2737... read back and repeat all the instructions correctly.

Pilot: 10-4!

[Nearly 30 seconds later...]

Tower: Uhh..., Cessna 2737 please repeat back all instructions immediately!!

Pilot: Okay, I am so sorry about that, my co-pilot was at the controls and radio. Turning left to 270, and expecting the RNAV for runway 27 for Cessna 2737.

Tower: Readback is correct, and by the way, your co-pilot could use some training!

Pilot: Yeah, I concur with you. The only problem is that you can only teach a parrot so much!!

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Pilot: Pensacola Tower, Cessna 3798G is unfamiliar with the area, requests directions to the airport.

Tower: Cessna 3798G, Turn right to a heading of 360 for about 8 minutes, then left 270 for another 3 minutes, then to a heading of 170 and the airport will be 12 o’clock in 5 minutes, cleared to land runway 17.

Pilot: Pensacola Tower, Isn’t that the airport at 12 o’clock?

Tower: Yes! You can actually continue your current course and land on runway 26, airport is 12 o’clock, 8 miles!!

Pilot: Then why did you have me going the long way around the airport?

Tower: Because you asked for directions, not the quickest route.

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