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I am overjoyed! Soon I will be able to payoff all my loans and at last be debt free.

I'm on my way to the bank, thrilled to know that in a very short while I will finally have all the money I need to begin enjoying life for once.

I am so excited I can hardly get my ski mask on!"

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A man was determined to win the state lotto. He bought lotto tickets every week for years with no results. Then, one day in a flash of inspiration he realized that he would have to change his name in order to win the lotto. The next day he when to the courthouse and officially changed his name to 'Somebody'.

Out of curiosity the clerk who was doing the paperwork asked why he had chosen 'Somebody' as his new name.

"Well," he replied, "I wasn't having any luck with my old name, but everyone knows that eventually, Somebody always wins the lotto!"

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