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1- One day a Mullah was going to Bazaar to sell his goose. An intelligent and humorous priest saw him and decided to put him on the test. He approached the Mullah and asked: how much is the donkey? The mullah answered: father it is a goose not donkey. The priest replied: I did not ask you, I asked the goose.

2- The other day a Mullah went to the doctor. He said: doctor, my beard aches. The doctor asked him: what did you eat for lunch? He replied: I ate bread and ice. The doctor answered back: neither your pain resembles the pains of the people nor your food is like theirs.

3- One day Mullah was beating his donkey in a remote place. A man saw him and asked: why are you beating the poor animal. Sorry, said Mullah, is it a member of your family?

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