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Two men are sitting in a restaurant bar at the top of a skyscraper. After each had a few drinks, one says to the other, ”I bet you didn’t know about the updrafts between these skyscrapers. They are so strong, you could jump and the wind will lift you right back where you started.”

The other guy said, “Nah, I find that hard to believe.”

The first said, “It’s true! I’ll prove it. Let’s go out to the balcony.”

They both walk to the balcony and the first guy jumps the rail. After a few seconds, a loud whooshing sound is heard and sure enough, the first guy lands back on the balcony.

The second guy just stares for a while, then looks over the side to see if there was a platform or net. “This has to be some kind of trick.”

The first guy says, “No really, it works!” To prove it, he once again jumps the rail and the same thing happens. “You try it!”

The second guy jumps over the rail and falls the many stories to the pavement below.

The first guy goes back in a sits at the bar.

The bartender walks over, delivers another drink and says, “Wow! You’re really mean when you get drunk, Superman!”

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