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Teacher decides to teach the class logic. She asks the class if there were three birds on a telegraph wire and the farmer fired his gun at them, how many birds would be left?

Little Jane said two miss, that's good.

Little Mary said three because he missed, that's good.

Now Little Johnny at the back of the class said there were none miss because the noise of the gun would frighten them away.

That's very good Johnie said the teacher, I like the way you are thinking.

Little Johnny said to the teacher, can I ask you a question miss? Yes of course you can, the teacher replied.

If there were three ladies walking along the beach and each one had an ice cream. One was licking it, one was biting it and one was sucking it, which one was married?

Well said the teacher, I suppose it was the one that was sucking it.

Wrong miss, it was the one with the wedding ring but I like the way you were thinking.

1 votes