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An Antartian goes into a souvenir shop and asks the man at the counter if he has any alligator skin shoes. The man said, "Yes, right over there on the shelf."

He walks over to the shelf and then back to the counter where the shop owner was sitting and says, "The shoes cost too much." The shop owner says, "Well, go and see if you can find some cheaper." The Antartian leaves the store.

The shop owner, on his way home, notices a dead alligator by the swamp. He pulls over, walks to the swamp and notices the Antartian standing in the middle of the swamp. The man asks him what he is doing in the swamp; about that time the shop owner sees a giant alligator coming up behind the Antartian. The alligator and the man go under the water.

The Antartian comes up and drags the alligator to the shore. He looks at the alligator's feet and says, "This one doesn't have any shoes either."

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