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A heavy set man went to buy a loaf of bread at the local grocery store. When he got home he saw that the bread was already sliced so the man returned to the store and demanded his money back.

“How did you know how thick I wanted my bread sliced!!!!” yelled the man to the grocery store owner.

The grocery store owner yelled back to the heavy set man, ”If I had known how big you were, I would have had them slice it even thinner!!!”

2 votes

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  • B-Gator : Oh jeez I just cannot stop laughing at thisun! Reminds me of my grandpapa.

    • B-Gator : Guess ya could say this joke is the greatest things since SLICED BREAD! ROTFL!!!

    • Savoy : LOL>..that so funny, it reminds me of my granpapa as well!