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Claudia had just moved into a new apartment complex and was checking out her mailbox in the hallway.

The postman was just arriving and she curiously asked him, "Which slot is for 'outgoing mail'?"

The postman paused and replied, "Oh, that one that isn't bashful."

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Two young boys were out playing. One of them was showing off his new water pistol.

"Tell your mom you want one of these too. Then we can shoot water at each other!" he exclaimed.

" I don't think so," said the other boy. "My mom says we have hard water!"

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A culinary student was learning to make a proper gravy.

His teacher asked, "Did you start with a roux?"

"No, too time consuming," replied the student.

The teacher sternly replied, "Rouxs are meant to be enforced!"

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Why should most electronic appliances not be shipped by air?

Because they need to be grounded.

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