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Joe, a lifetime miner, was working in the depths of the mine, as he usually did. Suddenly he started to feel confused and babbled nonsensically.

His fellow miners sent a message to a nearby hospital to send an ambulance to check on the confused worker.

When Joe reached the exit and stumbled out of his workplace, an ambulance driver confirmed Joe’s problem when he cried out: "Look, Joe’s out of his mine!"

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Mo: What were the best sporting events you’ve ever attended?

Joe: Well, years ago I went to an Indiana-Michigan basketball game. Indiana was coached by the iconic Bobby Knight.

Mo: Wow!

Joe: And recently, I went to an Ohio State-Michigan football game. Ohio State was coached by the up-and-coming
Ryan Day.

Mo: Wow again! What were those games like?

Joe: They were like Knight and Day!

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I always feel nervous when I walk through a cornfield...

I keep thinking I'm being stalked.

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In the world of flies, a young fly needed a heart transplant. After being taken to surgery, the fly anesthesiologist put the young fly to sleep.

The fly doctor assistant cut open the young fly’s chest. He then announced to the fly heart doctor, "Your fly is open."

The heart doctor blushed.

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