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My mom told me to clean the papers out of my room. Then she told me to empty the waste baskets from the bathrooms. Then she told me to take the kitchen garbage out. Then she told me to take the garbage cans to the street.

But I didn’t have to do any of that. You know why?

That was just trash talk!

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I was riding my bike when my good friend Aaron stepped off the curb.

Even though I was able to stop, I ran him over. As he got up and examined his bruises, he asked me why I didn't stop.

"I couldn't," I said. "After all, I was running Aarons!"

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A walker was ambling along a jogging course, when he stopped to fill up his one quart water bottle.

When the bottle was almost filled, a runner came by and snatched the almost full bottle.

The startled walker began to follow the jogger in order to get his bottle back.

Hence the term: "Follow the liter!"

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What did the snowman say when he felt he was misunderstood?

Did you get my drift?

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