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A girl was walking on the side walk. She sees a man lying on the street, needing immediate help. The victim says that he is having a heart attack. The girl asks people around the street. And a man approached.

Girl: Help, are you a doctor?

Man: I am a doctor. What’s going on?

Girl: A Heart Attack!

Man: I am doctor in mathematics.

Girl: He is going to die.

Man: Prove it!

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A hypochondriac told his doctor he was certain he had a fatal disease.

“Nonsense,” scolded the doctor. “You wouldn’t know if you had that. With that particular disease there’s no discomfort of any kind.”

“Oh no!” gasped the patient. “Those are my symptoms exactly.”

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Today we’re going to study about growing a garden. Take out your weeding books.

Today we’re going to study pigs. Does everyone has a pen?

Today I am going to put a new spin on computer learning. Take out your lap tops.

Today we’re going to talk about death. And this will be on your final exam.

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I had a question for my English as a second language teacher...

Me: This word confuses me, can you give me a sentence using 'apparently'?

Teacher: Apparently, you don’t know what apparently means.

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