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A customer recently shared with me about a little girl who boasted that she could beat her uncle in a footrace.

But as it turned out, he made it around the track twice before she made it around even once!

Isn't that a real niece lapper?

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Grandson: Why did the elephant where red sneakers?

Me: I don't know.

Grandson: So he could hide in the cherry tree. Did you ever see an elephant in a cherry tree?

Me: No.

Grandson: See, it works.

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My older brother, Lenny, loved to tell the story of what happened to our cocker spaniel, Inky.

It seems Lenny was using an open bowl of gasoline to wash some parts for the transmission he was repairing. Distracted by a customer, he returned to his project to find Inky drinking the gasoline from the bowl. He yelled at the dog, who took off running. In fact, Inky ran around the house three times before finally falling over.

The neighbors came running over to see what had happened to Inky. "Is he dead?" asked our neighbor Ruth.

"No," Lenny replied. "I think he ran out of gas."

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