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A woman was rushed into the hospital in an ambulance as she was just about to give birth to twins. She wasn't able to reach her husband, so she left message with her brother, who was going to meet her at the hospital. At the hospital the lady was in such pain that she had to be sedated. A couple of hours after the babies had been delivered, she woke up and asked to see her children.

"Doctor, could you bring my babies to me so I can name them?"

The doctor replied, "You don't need to worry about names, your brother has already named them.

"Why did you let him name them, he has no sense! What did he name the little girl then?"

"De-nise!" replied the doctor.

"Oh that’s not too bad, I thought u were going to tell me he'd named her something awful. So what did he name the boy?"

"De-nephew, of course."

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