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A waiter brings the customer the steak he ordered, with his thumb over the meat.

"Are you crazy?" yells the customer. "What's with your hand on my steak?"

"Sorry," answers the waiter, "I don’t want it to fall on the floor again."

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  • chihuahuabulldog : LOL Voted Sorry it's 6 years too late! I was a waitress in an upscale restaurant in the late 70s. Only ONCE in all those years did I "do" anything with a customer's steak. Well, actually, the chef did it for me. The customer had me take it back 3 times. The fourth time I told the chef to drop it on the floor twice, once on each side, so he did. I was the top/best waitress. I took it to the customer, he tried it and said it was finally perfect! Your joke made me smile. 5 stars...6 years too late.