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Unbeknownst to Harold, the local tax collector, he was knocking on the door of a house inhabited by cannibals. A woman answered the door.

"I'm here to talk to a person named Stewart. He's a bit late on his tax payment."

"Actually, we just moved in with him recently. He can't see you now," she replied.

"Can I wait for him?"

"Sure! And while you're waiting, how would you like some dinner? You look very hungry. I've made up a delicious array of meat and vegetables simmered in a thick, seasoned broth. Sort of like goulash."

"This is highly inappropriate, but it does smell delicious. I'll have just a little." After finishing his meal, Harold says, "Absolutely scrumptious! Can Stewart see me now?"

"I'm sorry, but you'll have to leave."

"But I was here to meet Stewart."

"Don't worry about meeting Stew. Go out to your car and give yourself a couple of hours. Stew will be right out!"

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