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The kings sent out explorers in search of new lands and treasures. Upon conclusion of a grand find they’d dispatch messages via carrier pigeon to the castle palace promptly informing the king.

Caravans traveled north, south, east and west. One day these intrepid explorers came upon villages that all had something rare and exotic in common. Each village had a delicate and supple food called smoked ham. The kings men were delighted for they had never tasted such a delicacy.

This was such great news each caravan decided to send all of their carrier pigeons at once. They wanted to insure these messages of grandeur found their mark. The pouches carried by the royal pigeons were filled with bits and pieces of this remarkable substance.

Suddenly the skies became darkened around the castle as hordes of carrier pigeons flooded the palace with massive amount of messages all at once. This angered the king, it was the first time he’d ever been spammed.

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