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An elderly lady decided she wanted the inside of her home painted so she looked in the newspaper and found an ad that said "No indoor house painting to small or large, call us right away!". The lady gave the man a call and the next day he came to her house.

The woman showed him the bedroom and said she wanted it painted light blue. He measured the room, wrote down the color, then he went to the front door and yelled out, "Green side up!"

Then they went to the kitchen and she asked for a light yellow color. The man wrote it down, went to the front door and again yelled, "Green side up!"

This went on for two other rooms with the man always going to the door and yelling "green side up" after they were done getting everything on paper. The woman asked the man how come after every room was finished he would go the front door and yell?

The man laughed and told her that he also does landscaping and that he had just hired three idiots to lay sod across the street.

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