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Two high school buddies decided once and for all to prove who was the faster swimmer. They picked a large stream near their old high school, and the first one to swim to the other side would be declared the winner. Harvey, a friend of Bill, the so-called underdog, had a plan.

"For some reason," Harvey explained to Bill's other rooters, "Bill loves jokes, and when he hears or reads good, funny jokes, it gets his adrenaline going, and nothing can stop him."

Harvey then grabs a joke book and hands it to Bill before the whistle blew to start the race. "And they're off!" the whistle blower shouted.

Halfway across, picking the winner was practically a no-brainer. "Bill's going to win!" yelled one.

"He's actually chuckling and giggling, reading that joke book while swimming to the slope bordering the other side of the stream."

"What's he accomplishing by doing that?"

"He's laughing all the way to the bank!"

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