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"These are the proper names for the parts of the golf course," a father instructed his ten year old.
You start at the tee, walk down the fairway and put your ball in the hole on the green.

"But dad, what do you call that part where your ball gets lost in the tall grass?" his son asked.

"Oh that's what I call the un-fairway," he replied.

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What kind of fuel does the king use in his castle?

He always uses one of the noble gases.

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Mom had just returned from shopping and was surveying the ghastly scene in the den. The family computer had been totally smashed into a dozen pieces.

"What happened to the PC?" she asked of her 14 year old son.

"That was dad's doing," he replied. "As usual he couldn't get it to do what he wanted. I told him to reboot it. That's exactly what he did."

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It has been finally realized that babies born on holidays are more than likely to be little girls...

The reason is because there is no mail delivery on holidays.

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