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It's Christmas morning and after all the gifts are unwrapped Little Johnny ask the following qeustion, "Mother, where did all these pretty toys come from?"

Mother: "Johnny, Santa brought all of them."

Johnny: "Did he bring everything? Did he bring the electric train, the baseball glove and bat? The ice skates..."

Mother: "Yes Johnny, Santa brought everything."

Johnny: "Well, then who buys all the things in the stores?"

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Who invented high heels?

It must have been a lady who was continually being kissed on the forehead...

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Ten-year-old Tommy greeted his sister's boy friend very enthusiastically, "That harmonica you gave me for my birthday is easily the best present I have ever had!"

"I'm glad you liked it," the boyfriend replies.

"Oh yeah! Mother gives me a quarter a day not to play it!"

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Mother to music teacher: “Jimmy has been taking violin lessons for 6 weeks now. What suggestions do you have to assist my son in learning to play the violin?”

Music teacher: “A new bridge for his violin.”

Mother: “OK. Did his get broken?”

Music teacher: “No, I think it will help him get his music across.”

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