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Lord, grant me the strength that I may not fall, Into the clutches of cholesterol.

At polyunsaturates I'll never mutter, For the road to Hell is paved with butter.

And cake is cursed and cream is awful, And Satan is hiding in every waffle.

Beelzebub is a chocolate drop, And Lucifer is a lollipop.

Teach me the evils of hollandaise, Of pasta and globs of mayonnaise.

And crisp fried chicken from the South, Lord, if you love me, shut my mouth.

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The New York Times, among other papers, recently published a new Hubble Space Telescope photograph of distant galaxies colliding.

Of course, astronomers have had pictures of colliding galaxies for quite some time now, but with the vastly improved resolution provided by the Hubble Space Telescope, you can actually see the lawyers rushing to the scene.

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Some people say that I'm superficial...

But that's just on the surface.

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When people run around and around in circles, we say they are crazy...

When planets do it, we say they are orbiting.

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