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Today in London, British Rockers Pete Townsend and Rodger Daltry, of the band The Who, broke into a Veterinary Hospital.

It it reported they set free all the Rottweilers and Pitt Bulls.

Police in Scotland Yard stated, "They now know that 'The Who' let the dogs out!"

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A father was buying bass lessons for his son. After the 1st week the father asked him what he had learned. The son said, "On my 1st lesson we learned about the E string."

The 2nd week came and after the lesson the father asked what had he learned that week. The son said, "On the 2nd lesson I learned about the A string."

The 3rd week came by and the father said to his son, "You know these are expensive lessons, what have you learned this week?"

The son said, "I quit the lessons, I already got a gig."

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Famed composer Johann Strauss was an avid mountain climber who once waltzed himself into deep trouble. He lost his footing and found himself hanging by his fingertips over a bottomless gorge.

Another climber heroically came to his rescue and just managed to grab Johann by a strap of his backpack to save the Maestro's life.

Since then, the act of trying to get out of a seemingly hopeless situation has come to be known as grasping at Strauss.

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“Are part-time band leaders semiconductors?”

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