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Morty to his vet: "Doc, I have a problem with my dog."

Dr. Saul: "Tell me more."

Morty: "He's a Jewish dog. His name is Seth, and he can talk."

Dr. Saul: "That's impossible!"

Morty: "Watch this. Seth, Fetch!"

Seth: "So why are you talking to me like that? You only call me when you want something. You make me sleep on the cold floor. You give me this crappy food with all the salt and fat, and you tell me it's a special diet. And do you ever take me for a decent walk? NO, it's out of the house, a fast pish and right back home."

Dr. Saul: "This is remarkable! So what's the problem?"

Morty: "He has a hearing problem. I said 'Fetch', NOT 'Kvetch'."

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