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A scientist studying cat behavior was up for review seeking additional funding.

Board member: “If you can tell us how many cats it takes to turn on a light bulb we’ll extend your grant.

Scientist: “We’re getting close to finding out.”

Board member: “What have you found out pertaining to my question?”

Scientist: “So far we know it only takes one cat to turn a light off.”

Board member: “When a cat turns off a light is it intentional or incidental?”

Scientist: “We believe it’s intentional because they’re too agile to tip over your lamp by accident.”

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Teacher: “What’s your favorite wonder of the world?”

Little Johnny: “The Pyramid of Pizza.”

Teacher: “You mean the Pyramids of Giza, right?”

Little Johnny: “Nope, I mean the pyramid shaped building downtown that sells pizza.”

Little Johnny: ”That isn’t a wonder of the world Johnny.”

Little Johnny: “Apparently you haven’t tried their pizza yet.”

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What is the one thing joke writers learn first?

Proper grammar is a buzz kill.

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A (coming of age) talk with his grandson the evening before his graduation from high school.

Paul Revere: I’ll never forget a certain midnight ride. We were on the verge of impending war with the British. The smell of fear and uncertainty lingered in the night air.

Grandson: Grandpa...

Paul Revere: Yes?

Grandson: Who are the British?

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