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A guy walked into a bar and noticed they had a huge Silver Back Gorilla sitting at the end of the bar on a short wide barstool.

The guy asked the barkeep why they had a gorilla. The bartender replied, “That’s Joe-Joe, he’s trained to give CPR if someone drinks too much. So what’ll you have there buddy?”

The man replied, “A Shirley Temple.”

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A pet store owner held an emergency staff meeting.

Pet Store owner to all staff members: "Last month I installed an anonymous suggestion box and asked your thoughts on how to increase sales. I did say the suggestions are anonymous but I'd REALLY like to know who suggested we put recipes on the cages."

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Politician (to his lawyer): I'll admit it was a miracle you were able to clear my name. However, I don't understand why you charged me three times the hours of actual work?

Lawyer: It has to do with the law.

Politician: Do you mean to tell me the law told you to triple bill me?

Lawyer: No, but for some odd reason the law doesn't allow me to write the word "bribe" on a billing statement.

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What is the favorite American car in Norway?

Why it's the Fjord Mustang of course.

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