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What does the duck say mommy?

Quack Quack.

What does the kitty say mommy?


What does the donkey say?

You'll have to ask daddy when he gets back from golfing.

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Why was a new born puppy mad at his mother?

He felt that she gave him a licking for no reason.

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Father to his daughter: “Your date's mother called and said you pepper sprayed her son. I just gave you that pepper spray, what happened?”

Daughter: “Well, we were having dinner and I was looking at the spray container and it said USE BY 6/25 and today is June 25th, I guess I panicked.”

Father: “That would be June 2025 dear.”

Daughter: “Oh.”

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Little Johnny: “Having a farm is really hard work.”

Billy: “It’s an ant farm Johnny, all you have to do is supervise.”

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