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A teenage foreign exchange student knew the metric system as well as European colloquialism and slang but he wasn’t well versed with imperial measurement or the use of North American English.

When the exchange student wanted to know what a foot is, the boy that helped him only added to his confusion by saying. “I can give you a hand with that.”

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Where do you find lost silverware?

Answer: At the fork in the road.

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A scientist was working on an equation that would make ION propulsion viable but after several months he couldn’t make his theory work.

His neighbor a pastor at the local church took one look at the algorithm and solved in minutes.

The Scientist was astonished thinking it must be a miracle. The pastor said, “It was easy; after all they’re Parish-ION-ers.”

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The reason Tinker Bell didn’t have a tail was to make the story more realistic.

After all, no one really believes in fairy tails...

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