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Jill: I can stay underwater for ten minutes!

Jack: That’s impossible!

Jill: (takes a glass of water and holds it over her head for ten minutes.) See, I told you!

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Little Johnny: I’m not going back to school anymore.

Mom: Why not?

Little Johnny: On Monday the teacher said that four and four make eight. On Tuesday she said six and two make eight. Today she said five and three make eight. I’m not going back until she makes up her mind.

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“Everyone in the bus,” the bus driver shouted so he could close the live bus door and pull away from the curb.

“No,” a female voice called. “I’m not inside yet. Wait until I get my clothes on!”

Everyone in the bus turned to catch a glimpse of the woman. She finally managed to get on the bus—with a large basket of laundry.

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The young man was on his first date with the new girl. Things were going well. As they rode along in his new car, she turned to him and shyly asked, “Would you like to see where I was operated on?”

The young man gulped and said, “Why, sure.”

”Okay, ” said the girl. ”We’re passing the hospital now.”

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