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Lou: A woman fell overboard from a ship. A shark came up, looked over her and swam away.

Bud: Why did the shark do that?

Lou: Because it was a man eating shark.

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Harold: Jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge is not dangerous.

Morris: How can you say that?

Harold: It’s s fact. Jumping off is not dangerous—it’s the sudden stop at the end that is.

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Al: I got fired from my job as a bank guard.

Sam: What happened?

Al: A thief came into the bank. I drew the weapon and told him that if he took one more step, I’d let him have it.

Sam: What did he do then?

Al: He took one more step, so I let him have it. Who wanted that stupid old gun, anyway?

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Victim (after burglary): They stole everything from my house but the soap and towels.

Policeman: Why, those dirty crooks!

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