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Grampa (attempting to fix a toy): "Vinnie, give me your free hand."

Vinnie: "I don't have free hands, Grampa."

Grampa: "Sure you do, Vinnie. Just give me your free hand."

Vinnie (exasperated): "I don't HAVE free hands, Grampa! I only have TWO!"

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Yo' momma so dumb, that she thinks the word dumb is spelled D-U-M.

I approached her and said that there was a silent 'B' at the end of the word.

She said, “There is? Well be quiet then. We don’t want it to wake up and start stinging us!”

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Who were the two shortest people in the Bible?

Nehemiah and Bildad the Shuhite!

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What’s the first thing sea animals learn in school?

Their A-B-Seas.

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