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An elderly man was sitting on his porch rocking back and forth. He seemed to be having a long discussion with himself. Every once in a while he broke into loud laughter. At other times, he shouted “Phooey” in disgust.

A policeman passing by stopped to watch the man and asked him what was going on. “I’m telling myself jokes,” the old man told him. “And if I say so myself, most of them are funny.”

“Then why do you keep saying ‘phooey’?" the policeman asked.

“I only say that when I heard ‘em before.”

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A man bought a mousetrap. When he brought it home, he discovered that he had no cheese to bait it with. So he found a picture of some cheese and put the picture in the trap.

The next morning he went to the trap to see if it had caught anything. The picture of the cheese was gone. In its place was a picture of a mouse.

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An accountant got out of bed one morning and complained that he had not slept a wink.

“Why didn’t you count sheep?” his wife asked.

“I did, and that’s what got me into trouble,” the accountant replied. “I made a mistake the first hour, and it took until this morning to correct it.”

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A cowboy was leading a flock of sheep down Main Street when he was ordered to stop by the town policeman.

“What’s wrong?” the cowboy asked. “I was just heading my ewes into a side street.”

“That’s the trouble,” the policeman replied. “No ewe turns permitted on Main Street!”

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