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How do you compliment...

The Abominable Snowman?
Tell him he’s cool.

A secretary?
Tell her she’s really neat.

A boxer?
Tell him he’s a knock-out.

A surfer?
Tell her she’s swell.

A mail carrier?
Tell him he’s first class.

A demolition crew?
Tell them they did a bang-up job.

A witch?
Tell her she’s charming.

An astronaut?
Tell her she’s out of this world.

A right fielder?
Tell him he’s far-out.

Tell him he looks like a new man.

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What does one wildebeest say to another wildebeest say at the beginning of each year?

“Happy Gnu Year!”

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Who’s there?

Abraham Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln who?

Wait! You don’t know who Abraham Lincoln is?

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Doc, Doc!

Who’s there?

A knock-knock joke with a cold.

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